The City of McComb’s fall leaf pickup program began Monday, November 19, 2018, and will continue through mid-March 2019. Leaf pick-up crews will run the same routes used for limb pick-up; however, work orders for loose or bagged leaves will be given priority.

     Mondays:  Burglund and surrounding area

     Tuesdays:  Area to the south of Delaware Avenue; area north of 24th Street

     Wednesdays:  Area to the north of Delaware Avenue; Edgewood

     Thursdays:  East McComb area

     Fridays:  Area to the west of I-55; area south of 24th Street; Baertown

We will not deviate from this schedule unless weather or equipment malfunction dictates a change.  Contact the Public Works office at 601-684-3497 if you have loose or bagged leaves to be picked up. Every effort will be made to pick up loose leaves on your scheduled pick up day. However, depending on the volume of leaves, it could take 2-3 trips to complete the route. Bagged leaves will be picked up by the next workday. Waste Management will also pick up bagged leaves—up to six bags—on your regular garbage pick-up day.

It is important that you do not place sticks, bricks, limbs, or other hard objects in your leaves.  Doing this causes damage to the machines which, in turn, inhibits the speed of leaf pickup.  Also, if possible, it’s best not to put leaves in ditches or gutters so that the water drainage won’t be obstructed. Do not burn leaves in the ditch line. The residue washes into and clogs culverts causing drainage problems.

Limbs are to be placed in a separate pile from your leaves. If you have limbs to be picked up, please call the Public Works Department at 601-684-3497.