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Qualifying Candidates For the 2022 Election

These are the qualifying candidates for the 2022 Election as of Friday, March 4, 2022.

Quordiniah N. Lockley           Mayor              Democratic

Zach Patterson                      Mayor              Democratic

Shawn Williams                      Mayor              Democratic

Michael Cameron                   Mayor              Independent

Melvin “Joe” Johnson            At Large           Democratic

Monica Dillon                         At Large           Democratic

Tabitha Felder Issac              At Large            Democratic

Donald A. Burks                    At Large            Democratic

Julius "Jay" Desoto              At Large             Republican

Ed Silence                            Ward 1                Democratic

Tommy McKenzie                 Ward 1                Republican

Jeffrey “Jay” Wilson             Ward 1                 Independent

Paschal David Stewart          Ward 1                 Independent

Lynn D. Martin                       Ward 2                Democratic

Matt Coding                           Ward 2                Republican

Devante Johnson                  Ward 3                Democratic

Terri Waterman-Baylor          Ward 3                Democratic

John L. Bates                        Ward 4                Democratic

Eddie L.Thompson Sr.          Ward 4                Democratic

Gerald "Baldy" Barnes          Ward 4                Democratic

Angela Ashley Mcknight        Ward 4                Democratic

Ronnie Brock                         Ward 5                Democratic

Bruce Mullins                          Ward 5                Democratic