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Deputy Chief  601-684-7956

Performs a variety of complex administrative, supervisory and professional public safety assistance work in planning, coordinating and directing the activities of the Police Department.

  • Plans, assigns, supervises, and participates in the programs and activities of the police department.
  • Develops and implements staffing plans; studies crime and other reports to determine trends, and implements changes in organization and operating procedures to obtain the most effective results.
  • Supervises subordinates and highly complex criminal and other investigations.
  • Assumes full responsibility for the activities of the department during the absence of the Chief of Police.
  • Exercises independent judgment in all matters pertaining to the day to day operations including the application of laws and ordinances.
  • Performs related work as required

Patrol Division  601-684-3213 or 911

Average number of service calls per year:  22, 754 Police calls and 857 Fire calls per year
                                                                   2022:  23, 818 Police calls and 832 Fire calls
                                                                   2021:  22, 988 Police calls and 861 Fire calls
                                                                   2020:  21, 457 Police calls and 877 Fire calls
Performs police patrol, investigation, traffic regulation, and related law enforcement activities.

  • Protection of life, property, and individual rights.
  • Prevention and suppression of criminal activity and disturbances.
  • Recovery and return of stolen and lost property.
  • Apprehension and assistance in the prosecution of offenders.
  • Prevention of accidents and the regulation of traffic.
  • Preservation of the peace.
  • Other service to the public as requested or necessary.

1st_Shift_1   2nd_Shift_2

Investigative Division  601-684-3023

Performs technical law enforcement work as a non-uniformed police officer in the investigation of crime and the detection and prevention of violations of law. Officer or criminal investigator responsibilities of the follow-up investigation include:

Identifying and apprehending offenders;

  • Collecting, documenting, and preserving physical evidence, arranging for the analysis and evaluation of the evidence, and reviewing the laboratory analysis of that evidence;
  • Recovering stolen property;
  • Conducting additional interviews of victims and witnesses as required;
  • Interviewing and Interrogating suspects as required;
  • Obtaining additional information from law enforcement officers and informants;
  • Reviewing department records and coordinating with adjoining agencies regarding other similar offenses to determine if other crimes may have been committed by the suspects;
  • Reviewing all information contained in the case file (preliminary investigation and earlier follow-up reports) concerning this offense;
  • Recording information obtained and preparing supplementary reports as required;
  • Distributing information, as appropriate;
  • Planning, organizing, and conducting searches, if necessary;
  • Arranging for polygraph examinations;
  • Preparing a case file folder;
  • Checking the suspect's local police record and criminal histories; &
  • Preparing the application for warrants.

Warrant\Court and Subpoena Service

The division shall serve warrants and other legal papers and execute the required returns in all cases where a division member is or may be assigned, also is the court bailiff during hours of court.

Special Weapons & Tactics Team    (S.W.A.T.)

Division of Support Services

dispatch_stationE 911 Telecommunicators

  • Multi-Task E 911 Communication Center for the City of McComb, and the County of Pike which includes the towns of Magnolia, Summit, and Osyka
  • Answer multiple phone lines,operate the centers CAD Computer Aided Dispatch systems, NCIC computer systems, Delta's AS400 computer systems and City,County Radio systems,
  • Communicate emergency & non emergency information via radio system( E 911 calls for POLICE, FIRE, & AMBULANCE and relay accurate information to appropriate personnel in a timely manner
  • Must have basic computer knowledge
  • Maintain written and computer radio log.

Administrative Assistant

  • Performs a variety of complex secretarial work frequently requiring independent decisions based on interpretations of the policies and procedures of the department.
  • Perform routine secretarial work in answering phones, receiving the public, scheduling appointments, providing customer assistance, and data processing.

Clerk of Court

  • Highly responsible administrative work in directing and coordinating the activities of the records and court functions of the Public Safety department.
  • Repetitive clerical and technical work of moderate difficulty which involves record maintenance and collection of revenue imposed by the court.


  • Performs a variety of routine and specialized public safety work in the care and custody of prisoners, and maintains order and discipline among prisoners.
  • Prepares and maintains all logs, reports and other documents as instructed; maintains in chronological order; prepares incidents.
  • Takes charges
  • Swears affidavits
  • Maintain contact with the general public, court officials, and other City officials in the performance of operating activities


  • Responsible work in the enforcement of laws and regulations governing the parking of vehicles on public street  in and around the Depot District. 
  • Orders and issues uniforms and equipment; arranges alterations for uniforms; arranges for police officers equipment to be repaired and/or replaced; and maintains accurate records of officers uniform purchases and requests.

Animal Control

  • This is technical work in the answering of complaints and enforcing ordinances regulation the keeping of animals within the city of McComb.  Employee is also responsible for maintaining the City Animal Shelter care of animals as necessary.